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Arlington Street Group

commercial, restaurant

2019_design development

Walk in to any patisserie and you are immediately greeted by delicious smell and vibrant colors of freshly baked pastries. Conceptually designed for a local pastry chef, the Reve design pulls from all aspects of the pastry making process to create a one of a kind design that matches the vibrant, creative and charismatic nature of pastry chefs. In simplest terms, pastries are the kneading and folding of ingredients into a cohesive whole resulting in a complex layered whole. The sample process was applied to the architecture.  

As patrons enter the space, they will notice large format stone slabs, which are indicative of  traditional marble pasty slabs, clad the walls throughout the front of the bistro. Central to the design and taking its color cue from icing, a bright lavender form moves its way from the front of the bistro to the center before folding up and enveloping the bistro counter. A soft caramel color flooring speaks to golden glow of fresh pastries as it flows into the central space before being folded up in the central lavender geometry. The final touch is beautiful lightscape that adds sparkle and ambiance to the space.  

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