woa:  /wō/,  /wəʊ/

imperative verb

used to express strong reaction such as alarm or astonishment [fittingly so, in both cases]

Works of Architecture is a young [somewhat], energetic [sometimes], creative [somehow] and naively irreverent [not really] architecture studio based in Calgary Alberta. We are a design focused studio with roots in award winning practices. We don't take ourselves too seriously so that we can pour our energy into what truly matters: the work we execute.

As a studio, we are committed to thoughtful and engaging design that is compelling to those who engage it. We believe in operating with honesty, integrity and respect for those who procure our services. As a young firm we attempt to be whimsical and playful while staying true to our vision and deliver projects that exceed expectations. We hate buzz words like design excellence and other hollow platitudes.

We believe in being involved at all phases of a project and not fading to the back once our scope is complete.

Simon Fernandes [woa]

architect, aaa, principal

We do not come from large firms with the luxury of teams for every little task. This allows for conversations that are holistic in nature and encompass every line drawn. The strength of our office is the approachable, creative, responsive and dedicated service we provide to our clients.

We have a space that we occupy during office hours [typically]. Our computers are filled with all sorts of programs. We have pens for doodling, a printer that prints and a plotter that plots. We've got books about architecture, design, bylaws and building codes.


We've got some plants and they're doing well [shockingly]. We brew pots of coffee and we tend to drink a lot of it. We  play music in the office while we work. We sketch, we talk and [to the chagrin of some] we go to site. We tell stories and are particularly good at figuring out how to build things.

 intern architect, aaa, mraic

We take pride in our clientele and the quality of work we provide for them. Who knows, you could be next. 

works of architecture