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University of Calgary Students' Union

commercial, restaurant

2019_Phase 1_complete


The Last Defence Lounge is a staple for Graduate students at the University of Calgary. After years of heavy use, woa was approached to provide a much needed refresh to the space. Designed as a two phase system, the refresh phase one focused on addressing the client's primary cosmetic and usability concerns. The bar was re-clad in a custom raw steel finish to become a central showpiece.  Subtle geometrical changes were made throughout to provide hierarchy and emphasis to the space.  A series of dark paint colors adds contrast, and a new floor adds warmth while tying the project together.

Phase two was designed to build on the updates focused on bringing new life to the space through a complete reactivation of the the ceiling plane. A vector flow of conduit emerges from three separate points and flow across the ceiling, hosting lights and elevating the presence of the space. 

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